Other Places to Visit

Maria Alm is well placed as a base for touring. Vienna is only four hours drive away, as is northern Italy. Salzburg is an hour’s drive away and Munich two hours away; both are well worth a visit. Much nearer home are the Krimml Falls, Europe’s highest waterfall, the Grossglockner Alpine Road, with its spectacular views leading to the Paterze Glacier and Berchtesgarden National Park (just over the Steinernen Meer, but a one hour drive), where the Keilsteinhaus (Eagles Nest- Hitler’s country retreat) offers magnificent views over Salzburg.

The Salzkammergut, the Austrian Lake District, is about an hour and a half away by car. Named a world heritage site in 1997, this area, and in particular the town of Halstadt, is one of outstanding beauty, even by Austrian standards. There are the world’s largest ice caves at Werfen, near Salzburg,  and lots of interesting towns and villages in Salzbergerland and the neighbouring Tyrol.